Posted on Jul 6, 2015
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One World Center
Europe, Lithuania
+371 2 061 2855
36 month program: * 1st period: Training and studies in Denmark. Planning the service period. The 1st period will be both theoretical and practical. * 2nd period: Service period in developing countries. This period will mainly be practical, but there will also be time for investigations in India, Africa, etc. * 3rd period: Conclusion and information work - sharing your experiences with the next volunteers and the public. The voluntary work abroad: You and your team will be working closely together with communities around the world. It can be: • Travel with buses – at least 10 students and a teacher in each bus through the Sahara desert to several West African counties. The study strip lasts for 4 months. • Experience the diverse realities of African communities • Investigate local and global issues • Live and learn with the local people • Spread the word and discuss our current and future role in the world • Present your conclusions, products, presenta
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